Fun Aquarium will let you create several aquariums, where you can pet, mate, and train then ultimately sell marine creatures along with splendid decorative, plants and backgrounds.

Fun Aquarium offer exciting things such as:

  • A large number of interesting colorful marine life objects.
  • Buy, feed, love, sell your fish & other creatures to experience an ultimate digital aquarium saga.
  • 100 levels of amazing game play with the capacity up to 100 aquariums
  • Numerous backgrounds that will change the definition of ambiance multiplicity.
  • Amazing collection of decorations & plants to make your aquarium like it was never before.
  • Various social features to visit clean & feed friends' aquariums for splendid rewards.

Fish nurturing is the focal activity in Fun aquarium. Players can buy fish from the store using Aqua Coins or Aqua Bucks. You can add friends, visit neighbours and earn coins by cleaning their tanks, feeding fish etc. Players can purchase up to 99 additional tanks if their tanks run out of space. These fish can then be trained using 3 specifically designed Training Level which help improve selling capacity for monetary value of that particular fish.

There are a number of fish and other marine creatures segregated in various categories. You can pet various beautiful Squids, Turtles and sea Slugs to garnish your aquariums and have fun all the time right there on your iPhone/iPod/iPad devices. The Fun Aquarium store has a vast array of decorations and plants in conjunction with exotic backgrounds which get unlocked and are available for purchase as the user levels up in the game.

You can breed various fish, turtles and sea-slugs that result into of new exciting results. This enables you to pet them having amzing esthetically enriched creatures you would love to keep. Explore new combination of breeding options and get beautiful creatures and have fun nurturing them.

The Fun Aquarium store is constantly updated with new items and content. So keep in touch to explore.